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File extension GG is most commonly associated with a Google Gadget, a small widget or plug-in which can be added to a user's Google Desktop. These can add functionality in the form of mini applications or provide news or updates through RSS feeds. Though uncommon, the GG file extension may also represent a Koala Paint compressed image, or a Sega GameGear ROM image.

Google Gadget GG files can be installed to a user's iGoogle page, desktop or sidebar, and may serve a variety of purposes. Small applications can add useful functionality, such as a calculator, search toolbar, currency converter or translator. Alternatively, widgets may feed the latest news headlines, weather or blog updates from a website to the user's desktop. There are also a wide range of interactive games available which also come packaged in the GG file format.

Google Gadget files are compressed archives stored in ZIP format with the GG file extension, and typically contain a gadget.gmanifest file which gives information about the gadget, a main.xml file which provides the user interface of the gadget as well as any additional scripts or resources required by the gadget. When a user downloads and runs a GG file, Google Desktop automatically unzips, installs and registers the gadget.

GG files are similar to Windows Vista's File extension GADGET or Apples File extension WDGT files in that they provide a complete package for desktop widgets. By using a standard format, it allows developers to create their own Google Gadgets and easily distribute them as a single package over the Internet. However, as GG files are compressed ZIP archives that may legitimately contain scripts, they should be scanned with an up to date anti virus application prior to opening, especially if they are from an unknown source, as they could contain malware.

GG files can be opened by Google Desktop, which is available on the Windows and Mac platforms. Alternatively, GG files can be opened using any archive and compression application which supports ZIP files, which will allow the contents to be viewed and modified if required.

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